Shaving Brushes for Artists

As you will see over the course of my posts, I look for portability in my art materials. I am VERY blessed with some terrific art friends; we gather a couple of times a week to make art together. In addition, I teach and take art classes a few times a year. Between the classes, gatherings of friends and the occasional outdoor sketching venture, I find it very handy to have a couple of art bags stocked with with supplies and sketchbooks at the ready. Even if you don’t take your art on the road, smaller stuff just takes up a lot less space; I’ve never known an artist who couldn’t use a little more room in their domain.

Silver Lead Mop Brushes and Judikins Color Dusters fit the need for a dust brush that’s quite petite and portable. In addition, the brush-head area on these is diminutive as compared to a drafting brush, so if you need to remove dust from a small area without disturbing the surrounding drawing (take note, graphite users), these are much easier on your art. I keep both on my drawing table, and one or the other in each of my drawing bags – something to remove eraser crumbs, pencil sharpening bits and random dust from art in progress.

Silver Lead Mop Brushes come in a set of six assorted colors

The Silver Lead brushes are recommended for use as paintbrushes by very young children and people who have difficulty gripping a smaller, traditional brush handle. Stamping enthusiasts may recognize the Color Dusters as a tool to apply a small area of stippled-looking stamp-pad ink. Both work beautifully as inexpensive, very portable dust brushes.

Judikins Color Dusters are available singly and in packs of four

Both brands use hog bristles in the brush, and shed a few bristles when they’re new – nowhere near enough to affect the use of the brush, and it does stop after they’ve been used a bit.

The Silver Lead Mop Brushes can be found very inexpensively on Dick Blick’s web site* (under $5 for a set of 6 – split ’em with a friend). The Color Dusters are available at stamping & crafting stores (the Judikins company has helpfully provided a “Where to Find Color Dusters” web page, and prices for a set of four vary by store – usually $4 – $6); I’ve also seen them for sale on eBay.

*Dick Blick posts special offers on their home page and on a Special Offer page on their web site; always check for the day’s discount before placing an order!


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