Erasers With a Point

For artists with precisionist tendencies, the Tombow Mono Zero erasers are an essential tool. Ever tried to carve an eraser to a point with an Xacto knife to erase that tiny little spot? These render such efforts unnecessary. The petite points on these white elastomer “click” eraser pens are available in a rectangular eraser point of 2.5 x 5mm and an extra-fine round-point eraser 2.3mm in diameter. Having used these for a few months now, I find them indispensable for small, precise erasures.
At about 12 cm/4.75″ long, they’re light in weight and quite portable – great for tucking one of each into your mobile art bag or pencil case, and they don’t take up much space on the drawing table.


Tombow Mono Zero eraser refills come two to a package. Unlike some of their larger eraser-pen counterparts, the refills are inserted through the tip of the pen instead of the top.

The eraser part of the refill is about 5cm long, and comes attached to a plastic post that fits into the clutch mechanism of the eraser pen.

I’ve found these eraser pens and their refills at and Jet Pens offers free domestic shipping on orders over $25, a total not difficult to reach with their excellent selection of writing and art toys! The Mono Zeros are difficult to find in the brick-and-mortar world (at least around me), so I suggest picking up a few eraser pens with refills when you do buy them.


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