The Importance of Art Friends

If at all possible, surround yourself with art friends on a regular basis. A gathering once a week (or more often if you and your pals can swing it) encourages growth in so many ways. Bring your project(s) in process, share, critique, and work on your art together if you can make enough time. The input of other artists can take your work places you may never have thought of yourself, save you from putting days or months of work into a piece with a flaw (that’s otherwise obvious only to everyone else until it’s too late) and just help you tighten up your work in innumerable little ways. I have been blessed to be a part of a couple of terrific weekly art groups, gatherings of friends with making art as a common interest, for a few years now. We get together to draw, paint, craft, critique, socialize, commiserate, and grow as artists and friends each week.

After I’ve looked at a project for oodles of hours, and can no longer see it even remotely objectively, my art friends are there with their excellent critical eyes and valuable input, pointing out that my piece needs, say, a little more here and a little less there. They’ve added so much to the drawings I’ve completed – from their friendship and support to their artistic insights. Just knowing that I will be seeing everyone for next week’s gathering helps me to focus and work on my piece in the interim.

Art Friends in Action

Insight, the graphite & color-pencil piece I shared with you in the last post, received an award from the Lynnwood Arts Commission Saturday morning during the reception for their In the Red show. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of my smart, talented, patient, helpful and wonderfully supportive art friends who gave me their honest two cents and helped make it an award-worthy drawing, and another big thanks to all of the super members of the Arts Commission of Lynnwood, WA, for putting on such a lovely show and reception!


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